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A community to share and discover food.

FoodShootr is the best way to share your love of food with the world! Share beautiful food photos, see what and where your friends are eating and discover great places.

Discover great food.

Finding great new food and amazing restaurants has never been easier. Search for places around you, see what’s trending in your area or search in another city.

Connect with friends.

See what your friends are eating and where they’re dining by following them and checking out their profile. See their latest shots on your homefeed, leave a ‘like’ or comment and see what other food lovers they’re interacting with.

Tag your locations.

Geo-tagging your shots not only gives your followers the inside scoop of all the great places you eat at, it lets the FoodShootr community discover new places to try! A picture’s worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to food photos. By seeing where a food shot was taken, you’ll be able to choose restaurants and dishes with confidence!

Shoot beautiful photos.

Taking pictures with FoodShootr’s built-in camera is fast and simple. Get creative by applying our blur effect and one of our many photo filters to make your food shot pop. Got some oldies to share? You can easily upload photos directly from your photo stream too.

Find and invite your friends.

Food was meant to be shared! That’s why you can easily find your friends who are on FoodShootr and invite your friends from Facebook and Twitter to connect with you. The more friends you follow, the greater the food and restaurant discoverability!

Chat with your friends.

Want to know how your friend made that mouth-watering dish? Feel like connecting with other food lovers with similar tastes? With our in-app instant messaging, the social possibilities are endless. Stay connected with your closest friends or start new relationships, even with chefs and restaurants!

Get started with FoodShootr today. Shoot. Savor. Share.

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